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1.14 Dark Brotherhood woes...

This is just a rant regarding a couple of the bugs I have encountered so far post 1.14 patch..

First off, until I figured out that I had to delete the ESO "Saved Data" file under <settings/system storage management>, I could not even log into the game for several days Once this was resolved, the first weird bug I noticed was that there is an unselected-guest arrow over all wayshrines now. cannot find local area quests on the map using the triangle button any longer and half the time when you look at the map you have to wait several seconds for guest arrows to appear as well.

That is nothing compared to what just recently happened. I have noticed that while you are riding around the map, you are likely to get the map load splash screen quite often now. I was riding through a couple mobs which did attack me while I was on my mount, no biggy, but then the load screen appeared; once it finished loaded I was dead. So that was annoying. So I respawn on the spot and while I was in ghost mode I ran to a safe location, but died again....still as a ghost... the death message said "watch your footing", so I am assuming it registered me as fall a ghost! After this it just got better. This bug locked the game so to speak. I was now unable to X or Square revive myself. The only option left was to exit and reload the game... Now here's where it really gets awesome. Once I reload the game I am instantly attacked by two or three invisible / untargetable mobs. I start running for my life only to continue to agro more invisible mobs. Then poof dead again. Yay!

The invisible mobs happens a lot, even friendlies take several seconds now to appear, this is occurring at 24mb down speeds. Do not log out where mobs might be standing because when you get back, you gonna die or at least be extremely annoyed.

That's it for now. Thanks for reading. Grrrr....

  • orlan
    @jcroop9 i feel your pain, i noticed all this first day the new brotherhood DLC was out, crypted of hearts was the first time i came uppon the invisible mobs.
    Sorry but they have released a shocking mess of a DLC to the public, and they are in no rush to fix it.
  • vivisectvib16_ESO
    This is super frustrating. I get that things break and things take time.. and I may not be an active participant on these forums.. but do we even have a community manager here who can chime in and say, "hey, we're looking into this," - ?? I mean, throw us a bone.. we're dropping $$ on this game and I feel like no one gives a s**t about customer service here.
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