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Battle Memoires, V. I 2E582

I remember the Beautiful hills Auridon like I was there yesterday. So many moons have passed, so much blood spilled since that day. The bright sun, warm upon my skin. The sound of the birds chirping in the trees as a warm breeze blows through the leaves. And the ocean. I love the ocean. The smell of salt. The sound of the waves crashing onto the shore. Makes me feel free. But, like so many things in our lives, good things must end.

As I was walking along the shore, a sudden crash sounded out, so loud that it shook the earth. A blue hellish light appeared in the sky ahead of me, a tear in reality that made every hair on my body stand up. It pulsed, ebbing like a living thing. A flash of flame, blue as well, burst from the rip, and, when it cleared, there stood a man. He didn't seem to be aware of my presence, so I resigned myself to call out to him, but not before pulling my staff off my back. "Hey! Who are you? What do you want?" He turned to face me, and that's when I saw his eyes. Dead. Cold. "Who I am is not important, and what I want? I want your world." He drew a wicked looking blade, which seemed to shriek in delight upon being removed from its sheath.

We stood there facing each other, neither of us moving. Not knowing what to wait for, what signs would give his intentions away, I raised my staff over my shoulder, and slammed the bottom into the ground. A wave of lightning raced across the ground towards him. He grinned in amusement, and lowered his blade. "Do you think your pathetic magic can harm me? Ha!" His grin fell from his face when the lightning hit his feet and raced up his legs and back, arcing from every piece of armor he was wearing. He fell to one knee, face to the ground, then looked at me and spoke, in an even tone, "That was more powerful than I had expected. Now, allow me to retort..."
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