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[THEORY-CRAFTING] Light Armor Tank

I was recently given the challenge to create a Light Armor Tank build so I've scratched out some stuff on the PTS and thought I would share my findings!

Very briefly I can say I've decided to keep away from sets like Footman's Fortune which although is excellent for a tank it's heavy armor focused. I've chosen Argonian for the 12% restore of your Max Health, Magicka, and Stamina when drinking a potion and increase Max Health by 9% passives. I've also chosen x5 Twilight's Remedy (MoL set) for my jewellery with two piece light set but I did not have full access on the PTS to this set so attributes are down on jewellery but I crafted 2 piece seducer which provides same bonus as 2 piece Twilight's Remedy to get closer to the stats. I also don't have access to 501CP on PTS Templates so Champion Point setup would be slightly different.

I won't go into the builds detailed outline right now but open to comments and feedback, if you're playing a light armour tank currently I'd love to know more about what you went too.

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