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Severe lag, multiple debilitating load screens. Response required

Multiple customers on the PlayStation 4 platform are all experiencing frequent incidences of load screens with very negative results. In addition to the horrible game lag, and network congestion the situation has passed the point of being merely irritating and reached the level where the game is becoming unplayable.

An official response would be greatly appreciated with either assistance on how to resolve the situation or an ETA on a server-side/client patch.

Thank you.
  • Rittings
    Amen to this post. 22 load screens to get four game yards is unacceptable... In truth it was 5 loads screens from the Thieves guild outer city exit to the nearest wayshrine - but that has sadly become the normality of this game right now.

    It's not even when the servers are slammed ... its happening in the earliest hours of the morning too.

    Another MAJOR issue is the lack of loading into instances etc... You can't weapon swap for a long time after loading fresh into an area, or even going through one of these "load screens"... this can leave you vulnerable to all sorts of attacks.

    I was in the Imperial City today, got hit by invisible players (who proceeded to take over 2k tel var stones) and I couldn't fight back because they were totally invisible to me during the entire attack, and I couldn't use any abilities. All because I had just gone through a "load screen".

    This is horrible... utterly horrible. I've kept off the forums because the craft bags have largely placated me (they are AWESOME additions)... but the unplayability of the game right now has left us all with little choice but to descend on the forums and complain.

    Don't even get me started on the dungeon queues... I waited 35 minutes on my tank and gave up... 30 minutes on my healer and gave up... and dared to not even bothering trying to queue with my DPS!! I was only after doing my randoms!!

    We can do better, Zenimax... we believe in you and have faith that you'll turn this mess around. And yes... it's a MESS right now.
    Soul Shriven
    I doubt Zenimax will do anything. PC players are experiencing similar issues but they have yet to receive a fix. Personally, I only enjoy running the daily pledges but can't even do that because of the broken group finder. Queued for over 2 hours as a tank and still couldn't find a group. My husband and I will be cancelling ESO Plus and shelving the game if this continues much longer.
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