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Fundaments of Alchemy

((Guide to leveling alchemy in game written in character perspective.))

Before success can be achieved, or even attempted, the beginning alchemist must understand the basic principles behind his craft. Many items in our world, mostly organic in nature, can be broken down into more fundamental essences with magickal properties. The more skilled the Alchemist, the more the properties of an ingredient that can be harnessed. Combining the essences of two or more ingredients can result in the creation of a potion, which anyone may then drink.

Step One: Acquire Solvents
Every potion requires a solvent to serve as the potion's base. The best solvent is clean water from a natural source. The purity of the water determines the quality of the potion, so the best sources are natural springs.

Supply List
20 Vials of Clear Water
41 Vials of Pristine Water
48 Vials of Cleansed Water
60 Vials of Filtered Water
86 Vials of Purified Water

OOC Note: Once you finish with one water, unlock the perk for the next water, and so on.

Step Two: Acquire Reagents
Alchemy is a study of combinations. Where solvents are a potion's base, reagents are the active ingredients. Each reagent bears four unique traits. Hence, you are to find all reagents in the wilds. Remember to look for plants and mushrooms.

Supply List
255 Blessed Thistle
255 Dragonthorn

OOC Note: You can use any kind of plants that forms a potion with the other. The above is just an example.

Step Three: Craft Potions
Bring a solvent and two reagents to any alchemy station. Different reagents are required. When you have what you need, put them together and craft your potion. Reagents with positive trait combinations will produce helpful potions, while those with negative trait combinations can cause harm to whoever is foolish enough to imbibe them. If none of your reagents' traits match, you lose both solvent and reagents.

Advanced Alchemical Principles
Only when you master the basics of alchemy should you think to complicate the process. Through careful study you can learn to suppress negative traits when crafting potions, craft multiple potions from the simple set of reagents, or even combine additional reagents to produce more powerful potions and poisons!

Solvent Proficiency
Increase this in order to work with all kinds of water. Also determines the level of your writ quests.

Keen Eye: Reagents
Increase this will make it much easier to detect reagents and solvents in the world. Try Harvest Map Addon as well. Updated node data here.

Medicinal Use
Makes potions last longer when consumed. The effect is applied on your character, not the potion. Must have even if you don't craft.

Increases the amount of potions resulting from your work up to four. Must have in order to maximize production.

Laboratory Use
Allows you to use three reagents when crafting, must have in order to craft the most powerful potions and poisons.

Removes negative effects from potions. Useless, save your skill points for something else.

Discovering Traits

All Potion Traits
Blessed Thistle + Corn Flower + Nirnroot
Blessed Thistle + Dragonthorn + Wormwood
Blessed Thistle + Namira’s Rot + Water Hyacinth
Blue Entoloma + Luminous Russula + Water Hyacinth
Blue Entoloma + Namira's Rot + Nirnroot
Blue Entoloma + White Cap
Bugloss + Columbine + Mountain Flower
Bugloss + Nirnroot + White Cap
Columbine + Namira’s Rot + Wormwood
Corn Flower + Lady’s Smock + Water Hyacinth
Corn Flower + Luminous Russula + Wormwood
Dragonthorn + Stinkhorn + Water Hyacinth
Emetic Russula + Stinkhorn + Violet Coprinus
Emetic Russula + Water Hyacinth
Imp Stool + Luminous Russula + Mountain Flower
Imp Stool + Luminous Russula + Nirnroot
Lady’s Smock + Violet Coprinus

All Poison Traits
Blessed Thistle + Scrib Jelly
Bugloss + Mudcrab Chitin
Butterfly Wing + Nirnroot
Butterfly Wing + Water Hyacinth
Fleshfly Larva + Nightshade
Fleshfly Larva + Torchbug Thorax
Beetle Scuttle + Butterfly Wing + Violet Coprinus
Beetle Scuttle + Bugloss + Mudcrab Chitin
Butterfly Wing + Scrib Jelly + Spider Egg
Emetic Russula + Fleshfly Larva + Scrib Jelly
Mudcrab Chitin + Nightshade + Spider Egg
Nightshade + Nirnroot + Torchbug Thorax
Luminous Russula + Nirnroot + Spider Egg
Dragonthorn + Torchbug Thorax + White Cap
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