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LF guild to do weeklies and vMoL with!

Hey guys! It has been some time since I try to find a guild where to settle and to do weeklies every week and vMoL.

I have 585 CP and growing and I'm very active(summer is comming). I'm 18, funny guy, I like to spend the gaming time in TS with friends making jokes, pledges, weeklies and why not vMoL. I have completed all trials(but nnot vMoL, only in normal...), I have all achievements related to no death/speed runs etc.
My main character is a stamblade khajiit dps. This is the character I would like to do vmol and weeklies the most time. It pulls good enough dmg I would say (28k in nMoL pug raid yesterday). If needed for raids I also have a magsorc(dps), mag nb(dps, dps/healer) and mag temp(tank/healer or healer). I can craft any set needed. Now I run with hunding/nmg/tbs/juli/SPC/agi/willpower. I can get any gear that is craftable(or buyable). I don't have yet the full scathing mage and all the vma weapons(only the bow in sharpened). I have enough kena helmets/bloodspawn/some nerieneth/meph/skoria and so on.

As you have probably seen already the thing I really want is a team to do vMoL, preferrable as stamblade, but if needed I can rerol to whatever class(even if I need to level a character).
I said everything I think it is really important. Also I like to pvp on my stamblade if some1 cares :))
If you want to know anything else just whisper me @mihaiisraging or leave a comment, I will answer as fast as I can.
If you have a nice guild that fits for me, please leave me an email in game or whisper (a comment is also good enough but harder to see). I'm ready to fill some applications or do some test runs!

Thanks for your time,
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