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Morning Ladies and Gentlemen

I am looking for a guild to join on two of my characters which uses a voice program such as teamspeak. Currently i have a Champion 53 Templar which is set up for group healing in dungeons and PVP and i am currently working on my Vampire Nightblade which is level 16 and i am dragging through the Dark Brotherhood DLC the best way to get me will be in game on my nightblade my username is @Rhass203 if you have any issues getting a hold of me reply to the thread i'll check it often. I am on EUW and i am with the Daggerfall Covenant on Both Characters
  • Gonz088
    Soul Shriven
    Hi Rhass,

    You are more than welcome to join Ayrenn's Angels, we have mostly AD characters, though for Dungeons/Pledges etc it shouldn't be an issue. So I will send you a guild invite. We have currently over 70 members, with crafters for you gear etc.


  • Duiwel
    Feel free to have a look @ our guild page ( in my sig )
    Join ORDER OF SITHIS We're recruiting! PC EU

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  • JasminaChillibeaner
    Hi martyn!

    I'm a co-leader of The Adventurers League, we're a large multi-alliance guild who run most of our events on EP (until One Tamriel goes live).
    We secure good traders each week, have a full calendar of group events and our chat is active, friendly and helpful.
    If you'd like to join please message me ingame, my UserID is @JasminaChillibeaner.

    See you around Tamriel!
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