Maintenance for the week of January 23:
• No PC/Mac maintenance – January 23
• ESO Store and Account System for maintenance – January 25, 10:00AM EST (15:00 GMT)
The issue surrounding ESO Plus for Steam players is now resolved. Thank you for your patience!

Hotfix 6/8/16 – Alliance War Fixes (PC/Mac Only)


Today, we've published a hotfix to implement the following bug fixes:

Alliance War
  • Rare Goods Merchant Abhadazi Aba-daro the Golden has returned to Cyrodiil! She will now appear and disappear at the appropriate times, as before.
    • To make up for disappointing her customers last weekend, Abhadazi Aba-daro the Golden will increase her available stock and give you the chance to buy the goods you might have missed last week. This is a one-time change that will only be in effect until the end of next weekend (12AM midnight UTC on June 11th/8PM EDT on June 10th to 12PM UTC/8AM EDT on June 13th.)
  • Fixed an issue with Rite of Passage in Cyrodiil that was resulting in some player characters becoming airborne against their will.

You will not need to relog or download a patch for this change. Thank you!
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