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Seeking Roleplayers To Interactt With My Characters

Greetings citizens of Tamriel. I have many different names such as Esperance, Celestiia, Aerithell, and Nemia Khomb. Many more names I will be called in the future. I would love to find some fellow roleplayers that aren't afraid to be immersive and put emphasis into their actions and characters. I seek anyone who is willing to make some stories.
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  • jarnkoldur
    It would be helpful to list system and server.

    Thank you,
    "And when the truth finally dawns, it shall dawn in fire!"
  • lily_bugg
    I always seem to forget that. PS4 NA server.
  • Burningbowl
    If you travel threw the pact allow me to be of assistance I am Burns-the-Grass a humble argonian looking to make a life for myself in Tamriel ... i consider myself a Independent contractor doing odd jobs and lending a hand to the people of Tamriel I can always use a helping hand.
  • mystic_gc525
    WOuld love to meet up with either of you, I play with my wife. We have characters we paly with eachother, you are always welcome to join if your interested in paced, fun play. pay attention to quests and characters motivations, etc. on DC

    I have a few other characters as well that I would love to meetup on!

    my psn is Mystic_gc525
    PS4 NA
    PSN: Mystic_gc525
    Atmun Yzir - LVL 41 Templar Battle Mage
    Roshan Solas - LVL 32 Dragon Knight Spell Sword
    Theodastyr Arc'hantael LVL 10 Sorcerer Spell Sword
  • Tristynne
    Soul Shriven
    I'm not sure if you have a Bosmer character, but if you do, I'm starting a new Green-Pact themed guild (Green Pact Bosmer). We're a brand new group of people who like to play Bosmer who follow the Green Pact (avoid consuming plants, picking plants Valenwood, etc.) We trade materials, recipes, etc. for Green-Pact friendly crafting. Message @Tristynne in game for an invite.
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