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The Mirror

You find an ice laden cave. A doleful female spirit leads you in. In the center of the cave, there is a pool of water. It is clear as crystal, yet your reflection glimmers on the surface.
"This is the Mirror. She is my creation, as much as I am hers. She wants you to see something."
The pool is enchanted to make your character reflect on themselves, their actions, their life.
What do they see, feel, and/or think?
Lonan of Dubh, Breton Hedge-Sorcerer-
"Monsters all, aren't we? The only difference being some of us are proud of our claws."
"Love only has one other name- Betrayal."
"Power. The prize that takes everything. Such a price we pay..."
  • CrowInTheWood
    This feels familiar. 
I’ve never been to this place, but I know this feeling well. My reflection stares me down.
    What I feel in my own gaze is a concoction of pride and grief. They say ignorance is bliss. There are times I wish I didn’t know myself.
    After I’d endured all that pain, all of that torment, and harnessed it. After I used my grief as a weapon, where does that leave me now?
    Alone and ostracized, and in the same position I was when I began my conquest. 
In that same stroke, it is where I wish to be. I take pride in the vengeance I wrought on my foes. I take pride in the black organ that still beats in my breast. 
I’ve risen above where others put me and fashioned myself a throne on the backs of my aggressors. The sorcerer whom they spurned has unleashed horror upon them.
But it is lonely atop the mountain. All those I loved are gone, and those I hate, I vanquish. After all those long years of my rises and falls, my reflection has been the only one to see it all; It’s my only friend.
    It has only ever told me one lie; the man I am now would one day find peace.
    It leaves me feeling torn. There are times when I wish I would be able to live in the old cottage in the Rift again, but such a simple life is far behind me now. Then there are days when I feel the need to complete what was begun. That’s where I am now, shrouded in a stygian cloak, hunting my old backstabbers with the power they hated. There are only a few of them left. Soon, they'll all be gone and I'll be whole.

    -Lonan of Dubh
    Lonan of Dubh, Breton Hedge-Sorcerer-
    "Monsters all, aren't we? The only difference being some of us are proud of our claws."
    "Love only has one other name- Betrayal."
    "Power. The prize that takes everything. Such a price we pay..."
  • menedhyn
    I see... myself. Grey and wrinkled. Old but wise, I think. The face of someone who has had a sometimes difficult life. Someone who feels pain and discomfort more often than they should. Hah! Listen to me, feeling' sorry for myself. That will never do.

    But wait. There is... something else. This grumpy old fool is searching for something. Someone, maybe? No, definitely something. But not an object. He's misunderstood. A decent enough person, though he needs to change a wee bit.

    Is this person really me? I ask, for I don't know what it is i'm supposed to be looking for...

    Menedhyn Bek, of Wrothgar
    'Pure rains make sweet rivers'
  • jarnkoldur
    The Imperial stood motionless. Only the listless plumes of frozen breaths hinted to his still being alive. Focused, he spared little attention to anything within the cavernous room but the placid pool of silvery water which lay before him. He struggled to maintain his gaze as he percieved the pool but in such a fashion that he could not discern his reflection. He dared not to.

    Yet, it beckoned. The insatiable desire of curiosity, to know what should not be known, tore with savage delight at his resolve.
    He kept his distance.

    "Thou struggles against the mirror. Shalt thou not take a glance and see what the past, the present, or the future holds?"

    "I... I am afraid." The Imperial mutters. Although his response was meant more for himself then the apparition.

    Silence fell between them.

    Eventually, his resolution, liken to a promontory which within the ocean is eroded to nothing by the ocean, dissolved. All it took was time and doubt. And he glanced into the pool.

    "Whatever shall be shall be." The imperial uttered before looking at his own reflection within the mirror like waters. And this is what he saw...


    "And when the truth finally dawns, it shall dawn in fire!"
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