Group help?

I'm new to the game and picked up some quests in cyrodiil that require groups but I have no idea how to get a group so I can complete them. I tried joining online groups (I think it was groups) yesterday and had no idea what I was doing. I would use the wayshrines to to travel to different locations (forts?) but only once did I land in an actual group that was attacking something and that lasted only a couple of minutes (the longest time was running to the place and running back). Otherwise, not once in travel to several forts did I come upon any action or even other players than a random one here or there. So I traveled around in the vast space (it really is vast!) looking for some things to do.

Could somebody point me in the right direction so I can learn how this works. I played online before but it was always into a lobby then right to the map with my team. I truly have no idea what I am supposed to be doing for these group quests.

Thank you for your help.
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