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Ultimate reduction nerfed....

Blessing of the Potentates: This item set’s Ultimate cost reduction is now a multiplicative bonus, along with all other sources of Ultimate cost reduction (Power Stone, Restoring Spirit, Akaviri Dragonguard, and Savior’s Hide.)

Was this really necessary? Just when I was looking forward to giving magic DK another shot. :|
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  • flguy147ub17_ESO
    They did you a favor not to go back to magicka DK atleast for PVP. They are at the bottom of the list to help. Players have been literally screaming to fix a couple things like dragon blood and they refuse to do it. But they decide to buff the strongest classes in the game like our counterpart stamina DKs. Thats why i unsubbed today, was holding out hope for some changes but it didnt happen.
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