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Post dlc stamina nb

I have a magblade and it is awesome. Tons of survivability. Great dmg output and support through class skills.

But i want a stamina NB (nb because other classes lack in burst and crit, and i like the looks).

When i tried a stablade before i found it very squishy and could not use any of class abilities (support) since everything was magic.

My questions are:

1. post patch, with disease dmg and poisons, stamina blades will be better somehow? (i know what skills will change to disease, but how that will affect builds and gameplay? If the only improvement is the ~20% dmg from mighty, in twi skills, i dont see much improvement)

2. How to build a good one that can survive well solo pve? after patch, what support/heal skills go well with stamina? (strife maybe is too weak without magicka...)(i dont like 2h)

I didnt specify a weapon... i prefer DW or bow but i wanna know what is best to pve solo.
  • Lynx7386
    With vigor and rally survivability isn't really an issue
    PS4 / NA
    M'asad - Khajiit Nightblade - Healer
    Pakhet - Khajiit Dragonknight - Tank
    Raksha - Khajiit Sorcerer - Stamina DPS
    Bastet - Khajiit Templar - Healer
    Leonin - Khajiit Warden - Tank
  • RedFireDisco
    If you DW & Bow, you pretty much have to use healing potions and get your major brutality from Drain Essence.

    Without vigor as well, it'll be tough going.

    The new potion in DB, lingering health stacking with vigor will be like having 2500 health regen, so slip into cloak or roll and cc and you'll be back at full health in no time.

    I would love to have the bow for the range, but I just do more damage and heal better with DW/2H

    There's a heal on one of the poison arrow morphs now, so that's something I guess.
  • psychotic13
    I use bow/2h, I'd prefer to use bow/dw but rally is to valuable to me.

    As I'm primarily bow, I need the buff from rally before I enter combat, and as a Nightblade you don't have any other options, plus the extra heal is nice. (I know I can use power extraction but that requires me to be close, which is not where i want to be)

    Sorcs and DKs have Abilitys to buff weapon damage themselves so you don't have to run a 2h with them.

    Vigor is a must, most stamblades will probably feel quite squishy until you get this, just grind PvP for a bit doesn't take that long.
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