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Ult regen Cheat

Don't worry guys and girls, they will ban anyone whom you have evidence of this. So you have to get blasted four or five times by a blatant cheat by the same tards who used gameshark on their n64s but they have a new mount for 2k crowns so that you can have a blue glow to match the rain of meteors coming down on you. Oh yea and don't forget the new DLC is coming out soon complete with new %$&* ups and other *** you can buy from the crown store. They have told us to send all videos in private messages to show that their *** isn't busted to the general public. Don't panic, according to their "master plan" this is patch that turns it all around. What they don't realize is that it will turn in the direction of Camelot Unchained. DO NOT give money to these idiots who have never listened to their audience or original programmers. They have heard and ignored most of what the community and their creators have told them in order to squeeze out as many "vanity" mounts, pets and costumes as possible. I have played this game since beta, but they lost my script a few months back, so this will probably go ignored.

Simply put, spend your money on something else. DO NOT give this idiots any more of it. It is a blackhole.
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