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Clever Alchemist advice please?

I'm pretty much clueless on crafting, and with limited playtime I don't really have time to craft, only crafting I've maxed is alchemy lol.
Anyway, I'm looking for a 5 piece V16 Clever Alchemist set (chest, belt, legs, bracers, boots) in medium armour. I can probably find someone to craft it, no problem, but I need to know what materials I need to go farm to supply the crafter, as I'm sure they have better things to use their own mats on... That and it'll be cheaper for me, as I'm broke with a whole 10k gold atm until I can fence more steals ;)

I'm on Pc/Mac EU

Thanks for any help

Best Answers

  • lolo_01b16_ESO
    You need rubedo leather for v16 medium armour. It only drops v15 / v16 animals if your crafting skill is high enough to use it. So the only options for you will be to level tailoring or buy the mats from another player.
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  • Brutusmax1mus
    You'll need upgrade materials too. 2 green, 3 blue, 4 purple, 8 gold for each piece.
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  • Sunburnt_Penguin
    Some other advice:

    Alchemist's damage carries over to the next bar, so unless you're wanting to reduce complications by having it available to proc from a potion on both bars: there's really no need to have 5 armour pieces of it as you will be missing out on an additional set-bonus on your DD bar

    For example, you could have:
    1x 2H - Alchemist
    2x DW - Lekis
    4x Armour - Alchemist
    2x Armour - Leki's
    1x Armour - Kena
    3x Jewellery - Agility
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  • Asharin
    Saving up it is then :smile: thanks
  • Waffennacht
    It's literally the best back up set in game. It's the only one that provides a 5th item bonus not on the 5th set bar. It provides universal utility.

    I have a hard time making any build now without Alchemist as my back up. x3 or x4 main bar.

    In PvP I go x5 Alchemist on resto bar and x4 Alchemist x5 Julianos on my DW bar for insane spell damage
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    1100+ CP
    Battleground PvP'er
  • Amdar_Godkiller
    A better set up for 2H/DW

    4 Alchemist
    2 Leki
    1 Kena

    2 Agility
    1 Leki

    1 Alchemist
    1 Agility

    1 Agility

    Although, regen could be an issue, so Marksman for Leki might be ideal.
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