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What are some group dungeons I can complete solo? (Build inside)(Normal, not Veteran difficulty)

I'm VR16, and have only played one group dungeon. (Fungal Grotto) I just beat it about an hour ago, and outside of one mini-boss it wasn't that hard. However, I've heard that Fungal Grotto is by far the easiest group dungeon, so I'm curious what others would be possible considering my build.

I use a Magicka Templar, with 30K Magicka, 20K Health, 1400 Magicka Regen, around 1500 Spell Damage, and 53% Spell Critical. My offensive skills are Puncturing Strike, Toppling Charge, and Radiant Glory. My defensive skills are Harness Magicka and Restoring Focus, while I use Honor the Dead to heal and Inner Light as well.

From what I saw in Fungal Grotto, my biggest issue comes from mobs who kill me faster than I can regain health either from Honor the Dead, or while attacking with Puncturing Strike or Radiant Glory. I had no issues running out of Magicka, and even though I have extremely low Stamina I didn't find that to be an issue either.
  • mildlylucid
    Haven't checked all of them but I think that Direfrost Keep and Blackheart Haven are the only nonvet dungeons that have mechanics that prevent soloing... So all the other normal dungeons are *technically* soloable.
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  • lolo_01b16_ESO
    Imperial City Prison also requires at least 2 players. But yeah, the rest is possible solo as far as I remember.
    Volenfell is one of the easier dungeons from my experience, so maybe try that one next.
  • WiseWarrior
    Thank you both! I'll check out Volenfell.
  • Waffennacht
    I know banished cells, fungal grotto, city of ash, darkshade caverns, and... um.. another one for sure are vet dungeons that can be soloed.
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  • WiseWarrior
    I ended up doing Darkshade Caverns next because it was the day's pledge. It was definitely a step up from Fungal Grotto, but it was a lot of fun. It took me a little while on the final boss, but I finally downed him.
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