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Best race for stamina dk dd in pve group content

As so many other people i want to level up a stamina dk with db and was wondering what would be the best choice for the race. At the moment i can't decide between Khajiit and Redguard because i think Khajiit has higher dps with the 8% crit but redguard more sustain and i don't know if i need the extra sustain from redguard, so if anyone already has a Khajiit dd dk and is at the cp cap i would really appreciate if you can tell me if you have sustain issues in pve.

Thanks for all replies C:
  • OrphanHelgen
    If you are planning on doing maelstrom, redguard would would be a great choice.
    If trials, then khajiit.

    I get slightly more dps on my khajiit dk compared to my orc dk. I think this is because warhorns.
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  • susmitds
    In General even in Solo 8% crit = over 7% dmg boost unbuffed for most Stam PvE builds. So Khajiit is better for damage. Sustaining DK is pretty easy so Khajiit is more optimal.
  • Asmael
    I'm rolling an argonian stam DK (very old char... race change, anyone?) and have no issues sustaining stamina in group content, so it would be even easier with a khajiit. Redguard is not needed.

    For vMA, it's more problematic, since you're on your own, with no templar to help you with spears, need to dodge roll more, etc. Then again, if even an argonian can complete it, you don't need to have a redguard for it.

    Khajiit all the way up.
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  • Guffel001
    Thanks for all the replies , i'll go with Khajiit so, have my sorc for maelstorm anyway. Kitties for the win :blush:
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