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Where can I find armor sets and weapon sets that enemies drop

Soul Shriven
I'm looking for the nightmare set for my level I had two but it pretty much got old to the point where my level was too high to wear it and get badly damaged when facing my own level enemies
  • likelolwhat
    You mean Knightmare ( If you're outleveled for the level 30 pieces, then unfortunately you'll have to wait until you can wear the vet 2 (or w/e the Champion equivalent is once DB drops) version, then so on once you outlevel that. I'd recommend getting used to crafting your own gear (see now, since dropped sets have a much smaller range of levels they can appear at.

    If you're dead-set on using a dropped set like Knightmare, you need to either grind like mad or buy the pieces from other players.
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  • GeertKarel
    for Leveling I would recommend the crafting sets since they can easily be crafted by other people and it doesn't take as much time and effort in to getting them. Also crafted sets are quite good and you can craft them on any level you want.

    If would recommend to start with dropped gear when you actually reach the top rang in lvl which is now vr16 but with the next patch update it'll be lvl 50 (160 cP) and 160 cp is really not hard to get since the xp needed for a cp will start at almost nothing and slowly goes up.
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