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Quick question about subscribing + class

Hey all!!!

First post here ever, sorry if it does not belong!! Also, english is not my 1st language, sorry if there are any mistakes!

After playing Oblivion and Skyrim I decided to buy ESO and I am loving it so far!!! I can't believe I did not play it until now!!

So, the first thing i wanted to do after I finished some quests was to join the thieves guild, but I realised it is an extra DLC, which is fine!

I stopped playing wow so I thought I might subscribe to this game, I am still not 100% sure about all the perks, but I read that Eso+members get the new DLC "for free" since they already pay each month. I guess that if i subscribe today I will still have to pay for the old (already released) DLC, but just to clarify, I will not get all DLC after i subscribe, right? Also, I would really appreciate eso+ member's opinion, if you guys are happy with the subscription and if the perks are really worth it!!

Also, I have a question about my class. I currently have a bosmer lvl 33 nightblade shiphoning, which i love. I chose shiphoning because the only weapon I can deal with is a bow, and I can only play ranged, so it seemed the best option. In Oblivion and Skyrim I always play the typical sneaky bosmer with a bow. Although I love the shiponing class, I don't feel like I am being sneaky, at all. I did not choose the shadow class because i realised it was a melee class, and I can only deal with ranged dps. Is there any other choice for a sneaky-bow class? Or is shiponing the best choice?

Thanks in advance for your help!!!
  • Elephant42
    You will gain access to ALL DLC when you sub, not just the current one. I know this because I un-subbed for a while, lost all DLC when I did, and got ALL back when I re-subbed.

    The perks until now are ok but nothing to write home about, but as soon as DB hits the perks become awesome - that crafting bag, oh my...
  • Nirnrotten

    If you want to stick with bow you should look into the Assasination skill line. Grim Focus will allow you to shoot a spectral bow after 4 light or heavy attacks. Reapers mark is great. It marks your target and allows you to do more damage to them. Also the range on the mark is very long. Blur is also in the Assasination skill line and will provide you with more dodge chance and there is a morph that will give you extra speed. The bow has a passive that gives you extra crit, and the Assasination skill line has a passive that gives you extra crit for each assasination ability you have on your bar.

    You will want Shadow cloak from the shadow tree still. It's an instant vanish and if you have points into Assassination there is a passive that will increase your weapon damage while invis or stealth. Use siphoning if you like it but I reccomend you drop it for bow skill line and assasination skill line. That should help you feel more like a sneaky bosmer raining hell from above.
  • negbert
    The sub will give you access to all available dlcs and as of next week (pc) it will give crafting bags which will free up loads of inventory space. These perks are lost when your sub ends.

    You should try and level up all of your class skill lines. When levelling a new character I have at least one skill from each skill line on the bar at all times. The skill line will level as long as one of its skills are on the bar when you gain xp. You should also think about levelling a second weapon on your back bar. I like to get all the weapon lines maxed out on my characters (it just takes time).

    Also make sure you wear at least one piece of each armour type (light, medium and heavy) so that you also level these to 50. You don't need to invest points in all of them. If you are using a bow then you should wear 5 medium, 1 light and 1 heavy.

    You might not feel like you have many skill points to spend at the start but there are plenty available and you can always respec to try new builds. I often level up all of the skills on one weapon and then respec in order to level up another.
  • itehache
    Wow, you guys have REALLY been helpful.

    @Elephant42 This is awesome news. The main reason I wanted to sub was to get the DLCs, but if I also get this bag with more inventory space that'd be great. I read about it in the DB news feed, but I did not know it would be only for eso+ :smile: So I'm going to sub today definately!

    @Nirnrotten First of all, what an awesome nickname hahah. Thank you so much for your advice, I did not consider leveling up Assassination, I was mistaken, I thought it would be only daggers and more "rogue" stuff (too much wow influence I guess!) I am definately going to follow your advice, thanks!

    @negbert Man, I did not know you could level up all my class lines hahaha. What a pity, I'm already at level 33, I assume I am late to get into assassination/shadow??!! I'm going to do what you said, also following Nirrotten's advice. I thought you could only level 1 skill line :neutral: Oh well, I am going to have an alt for sure anyway, I guess the first character in any ESO series is an experiment, I also had to start over with Oblivion and Skyrim due to my poor choices hahah

    Thank you all, seriously, that was really, really helpful, specially now that I'm still a noob!

    Take care!!
  • Taisynn
    Everyone covered it here but I still want to extend a welcome. Welcome to ESO.

    If you liked their advice, click one of the three review buttons on the bottom to thank them. Insightful would fit all of these kind posts.

    Have fun!
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  • itehache
    @Taisynn Hi!! Done it, I had no idea you could like "thank" the users by clicking under the posts :sweat_smile: I still have a lot to discover I guess! Have a nice day!
  • negbert
    Glad to be of help. You should level all 3 as they give useful passive skills as well as active skills. You can speed up the levelling of a skill line by having more than one skill from that skill line on the bar. I wouldn't worry about it too much though. Try just having one from each to start with and see how you get on. It's good to have the options of different skills for different situations.
  • itehache
    @negbert I use now "Shadow Cloak" as it was also recommended, and now i already have Shadow to 10! You are right about the passive skills, I actually remember cursing the game because I could not use a passive skill that was on the shadow spec hahah! I am still not used to change skills depending on the situation, but since I am still leveling I guess I will worry about this late, as you say. Thanks again for your help!
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