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Check item durability on PS4

Soul Shriven
I am trying to figure out how to see item durability on PS4. Is that when the value shows as 45/65? I want to make sure I know when to repair so it doesn't surprise me. Does durability affect item performance before 100%?

Best Answers

  • Panth141
    The blue horizontal bar represents the durability - as the item is damaged the blue bar depletes and the value decreases. Blue bar full = full durability,

    Weapons, however, don't take durability damage - their blue bar represents the charge left on their enchantments. Use appropriate soul gems to recharge them.
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  • Nirnrotten
    Yes its that's value shown as a fraction. Durability will only affect performance once it's 0/X. It will be as if you aren't wearing it at all. No armor or enchant bonus until you repair it.
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  • jonathanbloom
    Soul Shriven
    Thank you both! :) Got confused regarding charge on weapons and armor.
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