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Enjoy RP? ESO lore and fun conversation? ESO-RP Podcast might be for you! :)

Greetings friends and foes! We thank all of you that have given the podcast a chance and listened!

Me and the crazy band of misfits are all a part of the ESO-RP podcast!
For those of you that have not yet listened we'd love it if you gave us a shot!
If you've already had a listen or if you decide to, we all invite you to give us your opinions on the podcast
and perhaps suggestions for topics that you guys want us to talk about on the show!
Also feel free to put below any events or rumours you want to have advertized on the podcast.

And remember guys, stay moist! :D

Follow us on Twitter : ESO-RP Twitter
Sub to the Podcast or have a listen if you haven't already :) : Website
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-=Edelina EP EU Sorc=-
-=Nelaren Mosswind DC EU Stamina Nightblade=-
-=Laura Desario DC EU Dragonknight=-
-=Marni Bleakwood AD EU Stamina Templar=-
-=Jealine Murow DC EU Magica Nightblade=- (Give us a listen if you're into RP and ESO lore!)
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