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[PvP Guild] The Saints Knights - AD Only

The Saints Knights
  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Information
  3. Eligibility Criteria
  4. Key Members
  5. Ranking Structure
  6. Why Should You Join?

1. Introduction

The Saints Knights (SK) is a dedicated PvP guild comprised of AD players of all ages. It was created as a guild where like-minded players could join and play in Cyrodiil together with people that they trusted and enjoyed the company of. SK is a tight-knit group where everyone regularly groups up and takes the *** out of each other. We're not overly serious in our demeanour and if we didn't have constant banter we would probably shut down.

If you want to join you are more than welcome to, but please only apply if you're not the type of person to get offended by every little joke.

2. Basic Information
  • Predominantly PvP guild. We do pledges and trials etc. every now and then but are not dedicated to them and don't plan to be.
  • We try to hire a guild trader when we can but this is more for convenience for our members. We are not a trading guild so we will not be spending 1m+ gold on a trader in Elden Root each week just to make a few people happy. We'll get a trader if we can, if we can't then you'll have to wait until the next week.
  • We do NOT require/ask/demand donations out of our players. Donations are voluntary and will only be put towards guild trader bids. No gold will be used for personal use.
  • Our ranking structure determines that you are not rewarded due to donating to the guild, but for your dedication to playing with us in PVP and your ability. As stated many times; we are a PVP guild. You will be rewarded for PVP feats and loyalty, not because you paid to be above the others.
  • We are predominantly in veteran campaigns. We have a dedicated campaign which we expect our members to participate in if they are in the guild. We won't force you to be in one campaign at all times, but we do ask that you have at least one character that runs with us on a regular basis.
  • We prefer to run in small groups. We are not against 24-man groups but we prefer to have groups of 10-12 players who can communicate easily and have a laugh with one another. We have multiple guild chats to use to help us achieve this. If you ARE in a group, however, and the group is getting pounded at Allessia, and you're up at Warden having a duel, we won't take too kindly to it. If you're part of a group, be part of that group.
  • We are organised, but do not expect us to be screaming down the mic at you to "stack on the crown" the whole time. You can play how you'd like to. As long as you're with the group or helping them out in some way, you crack on.

3. Eligibility Criteria
  • Regular PVP player
  • Must be on AD - we do NOT accept EP or DC
  • Any age is welcome
  • Good, open-minded sense of humour. If you're going to get offended by every other thing said, don't bother.
  • Active player - we can be lenient here depending on circumstances, but we prefer players who are active. If you're expecting to go off for awhile let us know.
  • *** or gtfo
  • MUST BE AD - no, seriously, we have an "instant removal" policy for EP and DC players
  • Microphone - you do not need a microphone to play with us, but it definitely helps.
  • Any nationality is welcome, but please only speak English in voice chat.

4. Key Members

If you're looking for an invite, or just general information about our main guys, then look out for these lot.

Guild Master
  • Bazal94

Right-Hand Men
  • Nathanator21
  • Snape2255
  • Yea_Mum_Rocks
  • James_Lee_CFC
  • Breedj01
  • Big_Gee_J_Tee
  • Unwissest

  • Socks567

5. Ranking Structure

As you are well aware by now, we are a PVP guild. Our ranking structure compliments this fundamental aspect of our guild.

Each rank comes with increased privileges, however these must be earned. You can donate to the guild if you wish, but this will not warrant a promotion. What warrants promotion in SK is dedication and loyalty to the guild in our PVP campaigns, regular activity in our guild chats and groups, and general PVP ability.

Guild Master
  • All rights (duh)

How to achieve: You don't.

Right-Hand Man
  • All rights

How to achieve: Extreme loyalty over a long period of time. Each RHM is hand-picked by Baz for reasons of his own. Each RHM has been with the guild for a long time and is dedicated to playing with them.

Naughty Corner
  • No rights

How to achieve: You are only placed on this rank for disciplinary purposes and can only be promoted to/demoted from this rank from the GM or RHM. This includes no access to voice chats, so you may find yourself in here if you're spamming the mic. If that is the case you will be back to your regular rank after dropping an RHM a message saying that you've stopped. On that note: If you're going to take a phone call, mute your mic.


Every right available except:
  • Release Alliance Resources
  • Withdraw Gold From Guild Bank
  • Hire Guild Traders
  • Edit About Us
  • Remove Members

How to achieve: After playing with us for a long time and you have gained our trust and respect, and we feel that you would do a good job at leading the masses, we may grant you this rank. This means that we hold a lot of trust in you and you've earned it, so think of it as a huge privilege and a sign of our respect.

  • Edit Message of the Day
  • Deposit in Guild Bank
  • Withdraw from Guild Bank
  • Sell In Guild Store
  • Invite Members
  • Read Member Notes
  • Claim Alliance Resources
  • Join Guild Channels

How to achieve: After running with us for a bit we'll promote you up to a Knight. These are players that are regulars with us and we feel are capable of organising groups and rallying support via MOTD changes. These players will also be trusted with access to our guild bank.

  • Join Guild Channel
  • Invite Members
  • Read Member Notes
  • Deposit in Guild Bank
  • Sell in Guild Store

How to achieve: After running with us for a bit and showing us that you'll be active in the guild we shall promote you up to provide you with access to our guild store etc. You'll then be well on your way to work up the ranks of SK.

  • Join Guild Channel
  • Invite Members
  • Read Members Notes
  • Deposit in Guild Bank

How to achieve: The basic rank upon joining. Still yet to prove yourself, but you're welcome nonetheless.

I've posted the rank structure here so you have an idea of how we run and what sort of promotional structure we use. As said, we reward you for service, and we look forward to helping you improve as you go on.

6. Why Should You Join?
  • Active, friendly guild.
  • You will always receive help from your guildmates.
  • We reward PVP players for playing in PVP campaigns, simple as that. You're rewarded for having fun!
  • We are always available to offer advice and aid to players who need it. If you're wondering how to run a certain character, or you're looking for a certain item then just ask.
  • The banter. If you like having a laugh then join us. We're not one of them uptight PVP guilds who demand to-the-point organisation and military precision tactics. We play to have fun and have a laugh with each other, whilst maintaining enough organisation and mutual trust to perform incredibly well in campaigns.

Thanks for reading, and if you are interested just drop us a message, or reply here!
Edited by Snape2255 on May 27, 2016 10:53PM
The name is Snape. Full time Banana fighting for his Queen and Country. Favourite hobby; killing the cowardly Covenant and Pact infidels threat.

Predominantly PVP based player running various characters. Mostly Magicka Templar, Magicka Sorcerer and Stamina Templar.

Proud Right-Hand Man of The Saints Knights and Sergeant-At-Arms of The Yellow Army.
  • Snape2255
    We now have over 100 members in SK. If you're interested in joining let us know!

    We are predominantly in the Scourge campaign and are there on a daily basis. We will only be allowing active, AD only members to join us. We have already kicked some common AD pvp names for running on EP/DC characters. Unfortunately we do not tolerate this and we will stand by this decision.

    If you wish to join a pure AD guild, drop either myself, Bazal94 or James_Lee_CFC a message over PSN or reply here.
    The name is Snape. Full time Banana fighting for his Queen and Country. Favourite hobby; killing the cowardly Covenant and Pact infidels threat.

    Predominantly PVP based player running various characters. Mostly Magicka Templar, Magicka Sorcerer and Stamina Templar.

    Proud Right-Hand Man of The Saints Knights and Sergeant-At-Arms of The Yellow Army.
  • socks567
    Snape this need to be updated :)
  • Rildude
    Soul Shriven
    Quite interested in joining, level 42 templar altmer as my main.

    PSN: Rildude
  • xxNightkeepeRxx
    Hey guys, I´m looking since a couple of week a guild to play organized and finally regoularly pvp. I´m not a PVP expert, that´s why I´m looking for a group and try to improve learning to better player.
    I´m of course not a newbie, but played a lot of pve and random pvp in this year.

    I ´m almost at CP cap level,

    I´ve a Stamblade, a Magicka Sorcerer and a fresh fresh recently leveled Templar.

    My toons are STRICTLY AD and I would actually love to join a Guild who allows only AD player

    I´m 33 years old, can speak several languages, playin mostly night ( during the week till very late night)

    my psn is xxNightkeepeRxx

    if you need some other info, would be nice to have a contact through psn or facebook, cause I´m not checking this forum that much.

    Hope to play with you all soon!
  • MTrent24
    Guild still active?
    If so, PSN: hotboy_mikey_t

    I'm a healer by the way :smile:
    PS4 [ EU ]
    PSN - hotboy_mikey_t
    Redguard Stamina Sorc - AD

    Prince Michael Fahara'jad is the oldest son and rightful heir of King Fahara'jad with an unknown Redguard lady.When he was young he was sent away to prevent a scandal and grew up not knowing his three siblings Maraya, Lakana, and Azah. After becoming of age, Michael enlisted with the Aldmeri Dominion in effort to regain control of the Sentinel Palace.
  • TheBlinkman
    Finally an AD pvp guild. Nice introduction! :)

    Are u guys still active? I'm desperately lf an active AD pvp guild!!
    Edited by TheBlinkman on August 5, 2019 11:13AM
    Sony Playstation 5

    -> PSN: TheBlinkman
    -> Guild: CE-Fehler
    -> Builds: My Builds
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