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Looking for a ad pvp only guild

Soul Shriven
Im looking for a ad pvp only guild that runs small or large scale groups, i have just recently got back into eso and have been playing it on ps4 for almost a week now, but i do have over a years pvp experience on pc.

Only char i have atm is a v5 magicka nb.

Message me on psn if i can join your guild, psn- fizzybeeef
  • Drachdhar
    Also looking for one...
  • MTrent24
    I am also looking for the same.
    PS4 [ EU ]
    PSN - hotboy_mikey_t
    Redguard Stamina Sorc - AD

    Prince Michael Fahara'jad is the oldest son and rightful heir of King Fahara'jad with an unknown Redguard lady.When he was young he was sent away to prevent a scandal and grew up not knowing his three siblings Maraya, Lakana, and Azah. After becoming of age, Michael enlisted with the Aldmeri Dominion in effort to regain control of the Sentinel Palace.
  • Bloodsignal
    Same here.. can I get an invite? Psn megagarnaal
  • Breedj01
    The Yellow Army is looking for AD only pvp.
    Where are all the Oranges? Plenty of other fruits in tamriel... Where are the Oranges??
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