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Knights of the Blue Dawn!

Soul Shriven
Hello all, I'm looking for a few more people to join our guild Knights of the Blue Dawn! We are a role playing fun entertaining guild that enjoys to play with each other, everyone is family and we welcome all levels to be apart of this memorable guild! The Knights of the Blue Dawn was formed by Nizah and 3 other companions to stop the actions of Molag and contain loyalty and respect within one another a long the way! We are currently working on getting a writer to write down our adventures and make our experience more than just a game but a tale for all! Come and join this crusade of Knights that will form the blade to slice Molag back to where he came from! We are located in Daggerfall NA servers
Add me on PlayStation: Yatta-The-God
Welcome the Blue Dawn!
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  • Burningbowl
    The Crimson War Cult extends its hand in peace we mostly hail from The Pact but care not for its war for the Imperial city we follow the coin if you ever require assistance fear not to call upon us.

    Ooc: PSN Burningbowl
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