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New RPer

So I'm new to roleplaying (console) and have joined a RP guild and just created a character, this is his back story (personally this is the first one i have ever written) Please feel free to critique

Name: Wunduniik
Age: 31
Race: Altmer
Class: Templer

I come from a strong blood line of Altmer and my looks resemble just that. Though my personality is very much different from the majority of High Elves. I am tall, well built, with an athletic build. I have blonde hair, tanned skin and green eyes. My armor is light but tough and it has seen it's fair share of travels, though it is  very well up kept.

I was born a single child in Skywatch, Auridon to a loving mother and father. They were adventures and treasure hunters. When i was 5 they moved to Elden Root, Valenwood. Here they meet a local tribe of Argonians, who are now our closest friends. Both my mother and father are skilled in the art of magika and my farther is a master of the staff. With their knowledge and the help of the Argonians, they have taught me from a young age how to use magika. Even some healing!

As a young adult i seek to find my own adventures. After hearing all the stories my mother and father had told, i just couldn't wait to see the world of Tamriel. I started off with little travels around Valenwood and across to Auridon. The last big travel i went on was up to Firsthold of Auridon, to look for a place called the Banished Cells.
I never made it to the Banished Cells, i do recall getting to Firsthold but that's about it. For some reason, i don't know why or how but i have washed up on the shores of a place called Glenumbra, High Rock

And now i guess this is where the adventures really begin!
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Australian, Aldmeri Dominion
Altmer, Dragonknight (mag), Damage Dealer
Brenton, Templar, Healer
Bosmer, Nightblade (stam), Damage Dealer, PvP
PS4, NA Server
Guild Member Of: Brotherhood of Bogans
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