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Empty bank and missing items for main character.

Soul Shriven
Satudarah morningt when I logged on to my main character, I noticed zero money on THE bank and many items missing.
I don't know why this happend, I juist started playing this game for 1 month.
There was an unplanned maintenance Friday night and THE next morning all was lost.
Even my interest for THE game.
I feel really violated and stupid for buying this game and spending so much real money on items in the crown store.
Well, as far as I dan tell ,this only happend to me ( or I am One of few ) wich made me think: is this personal?
Not possible though. Just Payed for 4 weeks and havent given anyone anything like passwords.

I tried submitting help requests in game through my main character but everytime I do, I get an error ( 'try again').
I tried logging on to alternative character, and toen iT die tot eend (weird!).
Did my main character defect or something?

Can Someone PLEASE explain how this could happen?
I thought PlayStation auto saves your progress?
All these people play at high risk, not realizing that they van loose everything, random,just like me.

Well I Payed alott of real cash so I expect THE product that I have bought to be just as real as THE money that I Payed you guys.
Soluties and explanation PLEASE.

  • Serena55
    Soul Shriven
    Why doesent anyone reply?
    So easy to grab my money, so hard to be taken seriously !
  • Rittings
    Some people have talked previously about missing items, that eventually show back up. Did this fix itself??

    The other explanation is making me wonder if you used the most recent exploit/cheat to get any items and this is punishment?
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