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Fast levelling new armor

So I have max experience with Heavy Armor, but only lvl10 with Medium, and now I have to change from wearing heavy to medium. I'd like to quickly raise medium points .
The question is, what is best way to level medium now? Craft and wear 7 pcs. medium armor all with training traits and go grinding some low lvl mobs? Will it raise the lvl of medium very fast up or I need to grind mobs of at least my character level? Does it matter in general?
Edited by Gargath on April 30, 2016 7:41AM
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  • AntMan100673
    Yes 7 pieces with training trait, upgraded as far as you think its worth using the upgrade mats. Higher level mobs will give you more exp, gaining exp from completing quests etc will also level it up. I'd consider also levelling light armour at the same time if you need to though that would slow down levelling medium armour
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