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Altmer or Breton for PvP Sorc?

Soul Shriven
Hey, as title says which one of these two races should i pick for PvP sorc? which one is better?

Best Answer

  • GCypher87
    I feel like for PvP Altmer would have better passives if you are trying to take it seriously.
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  • NativeJoe
    Don't roll sorc. Every other class is more powerful come DB. might as well have your shields and class mitigation techniques as well.
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  • Vangy
    In order of preference,

    1. Altmer
    2. Breton
    3. Dunmer ( Dunmer is actually 2 stat-wise but I dont like dunmer so it goes to 3 for me =X)
    (2)V16 Dk- stam dps/stam tank/mag dps
    (2)V16 Sorc- mag dps/stam dps
    (2)V16 nb- stam dps/mag dps
    (1)v16 temp- mag tank/mag dps
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