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bank space

new to the game, is bank space worth the time?
  • Danksta
    You are definitely going to want to expand your bank space. Early on if you're finding it a little out of your price range you may want to create a "mule" character to hold what you can't fit in your bank.

    Hope this helps.
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  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    Also, you can expand your character space up to 200, but it starts getting expensive after the first 2 or 3 upgrades.

    And, if you get a horse, you can upgrade your bags to 60 on a character, but it takes 60 days. Still the cheapest bag space in the game after the first two character upgrades.

    Bank space is not cheap to upgrade, but it is shared across accounts so it is convenient.

    Another thing to think about is, with the DB DLC coming later in May, if your an ESO Subscriber, you get Crafting Bags, which is an unlimited bag space for crafting mats. Crafting mats are the main reason you use up bag and bank space, so something to think about.
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    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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  • ninjaguyman
    I recommend buying the first few upgrades with gold, but eventually they will become pretty expensive. If ur an eso plus member, u can use ur monthly crowns to buy bank space for a fixed price, which is what ive done. Or just buy crowns for that outright. Otherwise bank and bag space eventually costs 50k and even higher if buying in gold PER UPGRADE(currently mine costs 80k at 220 bank space). I remember there was a sale for bag( and bank?) space for half off awhile back, maybe wait for a similar deal?

    Also craft bags as said earlier= a lot of extra space. But then you'd have to b an eso plus member... Then u can buy more bank space w crowns...

    When u get to the point where ur decked out with multiple sets of gear, its nice to have enough space to store them all.
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  • Mojmir
    i reccomend subbing to ESO+, the crafting bag will help you immensely with materials filling up your bank quickly.
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  • Gargath
    new to the game, is bank space worth the time?

    If you are (will be) active player, good trader and harvester, you will not need to be an eso+ to have a decent bank space. There are so many ways in this game to earn gold just from being active and knowing what to do, to earn gold and spend on whatever you like :).
    Welcome to the game btw B) .

    PS. for example... you can have up to 8 characters, why not creating 3 or more, and invest a little gold in their personal inventory to use later as "an alternative bank space" - one char can keep provisioning mats, the others whatever else :).
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  • AntMan100673
    Yes bank space is worth it, bag space is far more important though so get those first from the pack merchant when the cost is similar. Once you get a mount visit the stables every day you're on and you can upgrade your bag space by 1 for 250 gold up to a maximum of 60. Early on in the game the thing that filled up my bag & bank space was provisioning ingredients. Either create a new character that you can use to just hold on to provisioning ingredients, don't collect provisioning ingredients, join a guild and use the guild bank for your provisioning ingredients
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  • xBrOxS3IdoNx
    Thanks everyone! Really appreciate it!
  • J4YDEE
    Mojmir wrote: »
    i reccomend subbing to ESO+, the crafting bag will help you immensely with materials filling up your bank quickly.

    This isn't out yet right?
  • Beardimus
    Just what everyone said, do the mount upgrades religiously from day one, I wished I had. Get the cheap upgrades too.

    Also focus which craft you want to do, don't take them all on. If you have a few mates on pick a couple each that will also help you save skill points getting too diluted.

    I chose the big storage ones Enchanting and provisioning so quickly got my buddies up to ten to form a guild and open a guild bank (500 shared slots) AND then joined other trading guilds for support making the things (or buying) that I couldn't craft.

    Bottom line is to answer your question, you will know if you need upgrades as you run out if space for your playstyle.

    Lastly from the next DB patch ESO plus covers you as you get the crafting bag , and I find it's the cheapest way to buy crowns and test DLC's. I don't sub all year, just in two month blocks to earn enough to buy DLC if I liked it after testing it on Plus

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