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Coming after break. Up to date abilities showcase or sustain Magicka NB build(PvE)

I am thinking about coming back to ESO, however I left before the Thieves Guild and I did not follow any of the changes.
Two quick questions:

1. Can someone tell me which side is up to date with all of the changes, where I can read about abilities and morphs. I like to plan my build before I start to play around with in character creation.
2. I want to make the solo PvE sustain build(Magicka NB). I was thinking about adding vampire to it but I doubt it will be useful in any way. Any tips on that? What were a major changes for Magicka NB and racial passives?
  • emily3989
    No site is really up to date, and there are a few changes coming in next DLC anyway.

    Magika NB solo PvE is easy mode once you have your skills in the right place.

    Vampire is meh right now, but the new DLC has quite a few changes. Personally, I am Vamp stage 4 and never looking back.

    It comes down to if you want to be a stealthy ST ninja or staff wielding AOE type guy. I have a bar for both, just to change things up.

    If you don't PvP, you are negating about half of the NB skills from consideration right off the bat, should make it easier.

    Mag NBs are unique in that you can literally build them 10 different ways and still be just as effective.

    My advice, just get all NB passives and all skills, play around with all of them as you leveling up, get them all to max lvl. Same with weapons. At about lvl 40 you should have enough to try out just about every single combination/play style, then spend about 10K to respect and streamline your points to flush out the rest of your passives, etc.

    Thasi - V16 Magblade Vampire PC/NA
  • Dexter411
    I know it is easy mode that is why I thought about it.
    Ok, then I will go with old Magicka NB builds(Orsinium Patch)
    Edited by Dexter411 on April 29, 2016 4:01PM
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