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Help with Sorcerer Build for PVP

I'm looking for ways to improve my sorcerer... here are my current stats...

Magicka - ~32-34K
Health - ~21K
Stamina - ~13K
(with purple max food)

Magicka Recovery - ~1650
Health Recovery - I can't remember. It's not bad though
Stamina Recovery - It's low.

Spell Damage Unbuffed - Around 2800-2900

Attribute Points - All Magicka

The Atronach Mundus Stone

Destro Bar - Inferno Staff Nirnhoned - (5th piece of Julianos)
Abilities on Destro Bar
Structured Entropy
Inevitable Detonation
Velocious Curse
Crystal Frags
Crushing Shock or Endless Fury
Ice Comet

Restro Bar - Precise (5th piece of Julianos)
Abilities on Resto Bar
Daedric Minefield
Harness Magicka
Hardened Ward
Healing Ward
Greater Storm Atronach

I wear 4 piece light Julianos with divines. 3 Piece archmage with divines. All armor has magicka enchants on them except 1 has prismatic. 3 willpower jewelry with arcane and spell damage enchants on 2 and recovery on one.

Should I do something differently with my skills and where they are placed or different gear (I don't do dungeons btw)? Or do you think everything looks pretty good?

Should I become a vampire?
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  • psychotic13
    You are missing out by not having an extra piece of Julianos, that's 300 SD straight away
  • Waffennacht
    You should definitely run Julianos x5, 299 spell damage is huge. Outside of that everything looks good (for, what?, 3more months?)

    Personally I run (sshh don't tell anyone) x4/x5 clever Alchemist, x3 will power, x4 trinamac with atronach mundus.

    Unbuffed is approx 3k spell dmg, 21ish health, 37k magicka 1800 regen, buffed is 4100 spll dmg 37k magicka 1800 regen

    All spell dmg glyphs, purp food (so 14k ish stam) sitting at 49% crit

    I prefer power surge to entropy imo.

    Just keep in mind, after db, it's gonna,be real hard for you to stack 3 shields. Just consider what you may wanna do down the road :)
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  • ToRelax
    You can swap around skills a lot, but it shouldn't be your primary concern right now. Such a setup isn't my favorite, but it can work.
    Health regen is irrelevant. But your magicka regen is too low. Your stamina regen is way too low, whatever it may be. You should have at least around 900 unbuffed and learn to use it effectively. If you can manage your resources well and are capable of creating lethal bursts without that spell damage, then you can start optimizing the build for your needs. As it stands, this sounds a bit like a new driver starting off with a racing car.
    Julianos is only useful if you use 5 pieces. I wouldn't recommend vampirism in this update, but it won't harm to try in the next one.
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  • SPEEDYxG8594
    Sorry I forgot to mention my weapons were the 5th piece of julianos... I just noticed that I did not add that in there.
    Alliance - Aldmeri Dominion
    Xbox One - NA Server
    Xbox Gamertag: SPEEDYxG8594
  • Archmage1
    1) What changes do you experienced Sorc players anticipate with DB as far as optimal gear goes for PvP?

    2) Also, will shield(s) have to go on main bar now?
  • Strider_Roshin
    I personally would put hardened ward on your front bar, and inevitable destruction on your resto bar. This way you don't have to switch to your back bar for a shield every time, and you inevitable would be good to place on your opponent immediately after placing down your mines. Also harness is nice and all, but hardened and healing should hold you over. I would place rapid regen in its place and keep it active in order to increase survivability.
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