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Need advice for post DB class

Hey guys, planning on making an alt once I'm done with my Mágicka sorcerer (my only and beloved main) and need some insight... In preparation for the new patch (DB) which class you think is more fun and effective (pve priority then pvp) Stam DK or Stam NB? Or maybe even Stamplar? On forums everyone is raving about StamDK buffs and dmg potential (I do like my big numbers..) but no one mentions if it's fun to play or not... Any help or advice will be appreciated regardless :)
  • ForlornBeliever
    Whether or not a class is fun is really based on your personal opinion. I could tell you it's complete crap and find it extremely boring where as someone else will say it's awesome and they don't want to play anything else and vice versa. My advice is to try it yourself first and then if you like it, keep going, if not, delete it.
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  • Pheefs
    My primary char is also a mostly Magicka Sorcerer who I adore...
    & so far I have fun playing them all!

    My NB is Bow/DW, my DK is mostly 2-handed, the Templar I have coming up I want to try Resto & Destru.

    You can always respec your points & try a new set of skills... roll YOUR version of a Stamina DK or Stam NB and make it fun for You.
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  • Lexxypwns
    What you play is dictated heavily by what you're looking to get out of your playstyle.
    I think stamplar and stamblade are gonna be the best Pvp classes next patch.

    Stam DK will likely be top pve dps, since they are already at or near the top and they are strengthening two of their dots
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  • dodgehopper_ESO
    I'm very seriously considering buying a character slot to make an Argonian or Bosmer DK archer, purely for style reasons. I'm leaning more toward Bosmer DK, because of the huge stamina regeneration and bonus stamina. He'll go poison style, which is actually a perfect theme for what you'd expect a bosmer to fight as. I'd personally rather the animations perhaps be a different class that had a more Wyrd-tree style to them, with lurchers and those ugly death flower things whose name eludes me, but I really think this will be a cool style to play.

    I'm likewise planning to make a Bosmer and Khajiit NB, just because NB is a joy to play for thieving, presumably DB, and so forth. I've always really liked the NB and Templar classes on theme, and in terms of playstyle I feel like nothing beats the NB.
    Its just a smooth class to play. I feel like I'm in a nice racecar when I play an NB, and I feel like I'm in an 'old classic' often times when playing other classes. It doesn't matter what spec/role I'm playing, this is just how I feel about NB. They're so adaptable and malleable.

    I'm also planning to make an Altmer Templar, but that is more because I want to have a character/race combo for Magplar that makes more sense than my Imperial character.
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  • Pallio
    I am turning focus to my magplar to complete Vma etc.. can not imagine VMA with 6sec shields, bar swapping every 6sec.. for PvP bow DK looks like a lot of fun.
  • Johngo0036
    @Sakriem - Hi,

    My advice is to go and join the pts,
    Make some builds and test them,

    After all that is what pts is there for..

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  • Sakriem
    I only play in consoles :p. No space for a desktop in my London flat. I decided to go for Stamina DK at the end... Just to change the game play from mágicka Sorcerer. So far
    ... I find it more challenging but still enjoying it! Thanks for the advice guys!
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