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Official Discussion Thread for "Dark Brotherhood Guide: The Basics"

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This is the official discussion thread for the blog article Dark Brotherhood Guide: The Basics. If you have an active PC account, be sure to hop on the PTS to check out the latest DLC game pack and let us know what you think!
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  • Gan Xing
    Gan Xing
    I know what I will be listening to while talking to Amelie,

    Jk. I wonder what Russell Crowe's daughter is like...

    Sorry, had to poke at her name.

    On another hand, I can't wait to finally properly assassinate someone!
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  • Djeriko
    Still tons of fixes to old stuff that haven't been looked at or even mentioned. Love the new stuff but can we go back and see the over-sights a little bit. Especially the dye system, you should have some kind of QA over who select what each color looks like and what gets dyed because it is full of flaws and holes. So I will repeat and hopefully a dev will finally answer these questions. No answers yet...

    Was it intentional for Redguard Heavy armor girdles (belt buckles) to able to hover in the air much lower than the belt and have since then become a GROIN CUP! This has been since the Redguard armor redesign and has yet to be fixed. This not only looks odd but causes a clipping issue where the buckle goes into the character model.
    Solution: Maybe it's just me but belt buckles should be on the belt...

    Was it intentional for several styles of shields to be positioned incorrectly? The list includes, Akaviri, Altmer, Ancient Elf, Breton, Dunmer, and Xivkin (I'm pretty sure there are more...)
    All of these styles' highest level of shields is positioned incorrectly on the character's back and arms when carried. You can also see that a shield is positioned incorrectly while looking at the straps inside the shield when carried. Just like the Redguard Girdle, if the arms aren't aligned with the models arm, it looks wrong. When you put an Ancient Elf shield on in first person and hold block, you will see what I mean. It completely takes up the screen compared to other shields) The identified shields look really odd when on the model's back. If you can't see the model's head, it's too high on the model. Is the model wearing the shield to protect the back of his head?! I'm guessing whoever positioned it on the model's back put the bottom of the shield at the waistline for some shields but not all. This results in tall shields fitting incorrectly instead of being centered and worn properly.
    Solution: Lower the position of the shield on the character when worn and held. Easy reference point is the straps on the shield can be put parallel with the arm and when worn on the back the shield needs to be lowered to at least show some portion of the model's head when seen from the rear.

    Xivkin Shields suffer from a similar incorrect positioning as the previously mentioned shields however it just hovers away from the character model's back when worn and arm when being held. (MAGIC HOVERING SHIELDS FOR EVERYONE!)
    Solution: just bring the shield into the model's body a little.

    Was it intentional for Glass heavy armor and Mercenary heavy armor to produce incorrect colors when using the dye system? Red dye on other armor styles makes red. Easy to understand however red dye on Glass armor (specifically heavy armor) makes pink. And then darker color red dyes produce an even lighter color pink. Black makes grey and so on. How is that supposed to make sense? Also in previous patch notes, you pointed out that it was possible to have different styled gauntlets equipped with actual red color and wear glass boots that had the correct red color the matched. This shows that the system can actually produce a RED on glass heavy armor that was correct but instead we have to just settle for pink.

    Comparing Coldharbour Ash Black on multiple styles to Glass Heavy armor becomes comparing black to grey...


    Comparing Pact Conqueror Red on multiple styles to Glass Heavy armor becomes comparing red to pink...


    Comparing Covenant Conqueror Blue to light blue...


    Dominion Conqueror Yellow to a little lighter yellow...


    White actually looks about the same but needs work on the cloth areas, you would think cloth would be willing to accept dye better than hard metallic surfaces.


    Keep in mind that both sets of armors are using the same dye with screen shots taken minutes apart so the lighting is the same as well as being made of the same material (rubedite) so the underlying metal should be red. Underlying color does not matter in this game obviously since you get the same result seen above regardless of what level the armor is. The argument of material is irrelevant Glass heavy armor as well as Mercenary heavy armor is suffering incorrect colors from the dye system. So I'll keep asking until someone on the dev team answers.

    Was it intentional for Glass and Mercenary heavy armors to be singled out for having the worst dye? Wouldn't it make sense to have all dyes look the same on all heavy armors? WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY!

    Was it intentional for Outlaw shields (after level 36) to have a large central portion that could not be dyed at all? The shield has a border, an emblem, tribal symbols and this big empty area in the middle. This empty area is white and it seems like a waste to have the largest area on a shield to not be dyed. Wouldn't it make sense to make the largest area be the primary color, the border and the emblem be the secondary color and the tribal symbols be the tertiary color. Seems like such a waste (It took you over a year to give us shield dyes after armor dyes, please don't let it be another year until someone sees this error)

    Was it intentional for the icon for Outlaw shields sanded beech level (level 26-34) to have an icon that is a staff? If you don't know, just go to a crafting station and look at the icon.
    Also was it intentional for Outlaw shields with the hickory wood (level 36-44) and higher to have the icon of the mid level icon(lower than level 36)? The higher levels gives us a kite shield that is not the icon displayed.
    Solution: I know these are bugs. Just verifying that you know about it and are looking into it.

    Was it intentional for the combat system to instantly sheath the character's weapon immediately after the first strike in combat? This almost 50% of the time when Entropy and it's morphs or Shielded Assault is used on the first hit. It especially looks weird after a Shielded Assault where my character sprints up to an enemy while his weapons and shield magically put themselves up and bumps into the enemy. I then have to unsheathe my weapons and try to continue to attack. I shall provide video of this.
    Solution: I know this is a bug. Just verifying that you know about it and are looking into it.

    Was it intentional to have character's sprint on the mounts back? This was seen in the video of the last ESO live. Looks funny yes but crappy at the same time. The fact that you guys pointed it out shows it may be the first time you've seen it. We've seen it many times and to me it's just like that time we had spaghetti leg model's that ran while dancing. It's annoying. Please fix it.

    A Templar and Sorceror ability question:
    Was it intentional for the skills Healing Ritual, Rune Focus (Temp) and Surge (Sorc) to have morphs that do not improve as the morphs increase in level? Every Morph increases through a rank system (I, II, III, IV). With each rank increase we see an improvement in the change provided by the morph that makes it unique. But with these three, particularly Channeled Focus (morph of Rune Focus) Ritual of Rebirth (morph of Healing Ritual), and Power Surge (morph of Surge), they do not show any improvement or change as the ranks increase. Ritual of Rebirth offers us a shorter cast time as soon as the morph is selected but no change after that. Channeling Focus gives us Magic back every half second. But then the stats stay the same even if it increases. Power Surge gives us add Spell Damage but the stats stay the same through the ranks. Logically I would expect Ritual of Rebirth to lessen the cast time with each rank and Channeling Focus should increase the Magic you receive back. Power Surge would be harder to do because of the cookie cutter Major and Minor buff thing you have going now so you might have trouble showing an increase there so why not increase health received from crits a little each rank too.

    Another Templar ability question:
    Was it intentional for Rune Focus and it's morphs have incorrect tooltips? Rune focus currently works exactly like Circle of Protection in the fighters guild. It drops a rune on the ground. On the tooltip for Circle of Protection it states "Area" on what it targets whereas Rune Focus says it targets "Self". Self targeted spells such as Spiked Armor for DK's do exactly what they say, it targets yourself and leaves you free to move around with your buff. So why does Rune Focus and it's morphs target a ground area while still saying "Self" and Circle of Protection (fighters guild ability cloned from Rune Focus) say ""Area"? If you wanted to make a self targeting spell for Templars that Rune Focus does, just remove that whole rune on the ground and just give the buffs to the character themselves like Spiked Armor does. I think all Templars will love not having to worry about watching the ground anymore, being able to move, and still get their buffs just like DK's can do.

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  • Jaeysa
    Can't wait for the wolf :3
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  • Faunter
    You'll run into some of your favorite NPCs that you've met before in ESO including Crafty Lerisa, Razum-dar, Naryu Virian, Mel Adrys, and more.
    Please don't do this again in future articles. It removes all the surprise of stumbling upon them in-game.
    Edited by Faunter on April 27, 2016 3:17PM
  • boaz733
    should heavy armor be heavier?
    to me it feels like heavy armor values should be higher than just 1/4 more than medium armor.
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