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Crafting motif style master book in db

Hi, can someone please explain the deal with the dark brotherhood patch notes

"You will have full knowledge of all Equipment Traits, including Nirnhoned."
“The Crafter’s Limitless Library” contains the full Style Book for every Style that your character does not know. This allows you to pick and choose which styles you’d like to learn, or you can just read all the books and learn everything.

I hope this doesn't mean all my research time learning every style and trait and also the vast cost is wasted.
does it mean anyone can instantly learn everything.
  • Efaritay
    This is just for the PTS Character Templates :) Nothing to do with the live server
    "Don't tickle the Dragon if you can't take the heat"

    EU ¦ EP
    Project Nova

    Efaritay ¦ Breton ¦ Sorcerer - Calloniel ¦ Redguard ¦ Templar
    Arrow Rain ¦ Bosmer ¦ Nightblade - Breath of Life ¦ Breton ¦ Templar
    Taunts-with-Spoons ¦ Argonian ¦ Dragonknight - Kipp's Secret Lover ¦ Redguard ¦ Sorcerer
    Vrixaura ¦ Breton ¦ Nightblade - Miss Snuffles ¦ Khajiit ¦ Nightblade - Effy ¦ Dunmer ¦ Dragonknight
    Deadric Lord Slayer ¦ Monster Hunter ¦ Tamriel Hero ¦ Savior of Nirn ¦ Enemy of Coldharbour ¦ Explorer ¦ Hero of Wrothgar ¦ Master Theif
  • saxgooner
    Thank you for info. It just lets people test everything out then in pts.
    I would have been v angry if this was live :)
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