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Shifting Standard - Refresh Duration

Theorycrafting on my new Mag DK, i read the tooltip of Shifting Standard. It says it refreshes the duration when you move it. Does that actually mean what it says - that i can, as long as i continue to move the Standard (which i assume is done by just clicking the ultimate button), get a never-ending Standard going? That sounds too OP for me to not have heard any QQ about that.
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  • Duiwel
    Currently you can only move it once OP. So I assume it will probably be the same in DB so you can move it once but when you do so it refreshes.

    Hope that clarifies it, IF however it turns out that the cooldown timer to move it is relatively short and you can move it multiple times it would be too OP so I suspect they will nerf it. If it works the way you understand it ( which I doubt )
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  • Burning_Talons
    No, you move it once and thags it
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