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Become a Many Faceless Man - Guild Recruitment

If you are looking for a guild of traders,free storage space,dungeons explorers,thieves, assassins, or even just a few friends to quest with,this is the guild for you! I am a huge Game of Thrones fan and if there are any fans out there,you will probably enjoy being in this guild. Poster your gamertag on here and you will get an invitation in 24 hours or less.

We are The Faceless Men, our organization is based in the town of Davons Watch, though our members range far and wide across both Cyrodil and Westeros. We are a guild of assassins that have a reputation for success that is unparalleled by any comparable organization.

We consider ourselves servants of the Many-Faced God, a god of death who is unknowingly worshipped by all religions in the world, in the form of one god or another. We shake off our former identities to serve death and become "no one" which allows us to become entirely different people, all in service to the Many-Faced God. We also believed that, as servants of death, we must serve above all else and that we will deliver upon certain creatures the "gift" of death. We wish we had the ability to change our faces but only agents in the house of black and white from Westeros have that power.
  • theebarii
    Soul Shriven
    my gamertag is Jabari F5397 I would love to join
  • El_Tsunami
    Soul Shriven
    My gamertag is The Camjack
  • lucas928
    I’m sorry people,this guild was shut down due to inactivity. Senior year in college,you guys know how it goes lol I’m working on setting up a similiar guild on the NA server though. if anyone is interested,message me on Xbox live, GT is hawkeye8836
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