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My Wood Elf Writes: The Creation Story

Hi everyone. Hopefully this forum is the right spot for this. I'm working on a collection of poetry written by my Wood Elf character. Here is a recent poem describing the creation story. She intends for it to be read to every Bosmer child before bed -- that's why it has a very obvious reminder in the final couplet. Hope you enjoy.

The Spinner's Tale - By Solanacaea of Deepwoods

Thrashing creatures: formless tangled crying
Impatient for their absent orator;
“Skyward!” saplings’ leaves yearn to be rising.
“Y’ffre, spin a story for your Bosmer!”

Then our Spinner spun, and the first tale done
The Green had grown, wee and towering both;
From shore to peak, Nirn grew beneath the sun
And the rain, to spite the Trickster Lorkhan.

Then our Spinner spun the second story:
We twisted no more amongst the creatures;
Presented to The Green laudatorily,
Forever sworn to embrace her strictures!

For elves young and old, if Pact they refuse
Forever they’re cast back in The Ooze!
  • menedhyn
    Love it, @T0M_R3V3N! A cracking poem. I wish I could write like that.
    'Pure rains make sweet rivers'
  • T0M_R3V3N
    Aww thanks, @paganach! I'm working on others and will stick them here when they are ready. Appreciate your time!
  • Krist
    Love it.
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  • likelolwhat
    Lovely! You have talent.
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