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Guy selling gold for paypal

Someone is trying to sell gold for paypal in eu ps4 server. He is sending pms to ppl and also posted on our guilds facebook page. Pls ban his ass

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Edited by ZOS_CoriJ on April 23, 2016 2:10PM
  • Panth141
    You need to submit a report - this thread is going to be locked for 'naming and shaming'.
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  • ZOS_CoriJ
    As mentioned, threads like this are locked by moderators.

    This is the same statement mentioned on an earlier post today: In future instances please report players like this through the customer service channels. While we appreciate reports on TOS violations, on the forums this does in fact go under naming-and-shaming as you are exposing a player by name for open criticism by the community. This also does not get the issue resolved as moderators and developers cannot take action on player accounts.
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