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[RESOLVED] System shuts down when at 67% for the 1.13 Patch

Soul Shriven
First we could not download the 535mb update even though we had 20gb of storage available.
We contacted customer support who gave us an auto message to talk with Playstation so we did, unplugged the ps4, restored licencing, when all that failed we had to delete more of our games. now at 43gb free, we were able to get the update to start after restarting and now, each and every time it gets to 67% the entire console shuts down.
We have NEVER had any issues with any other games, updates run perfectly, even ESO was working fine before i got us Eso Plus so perhaps it has something to do with the dlc? but we haven't had Eso for very long on the ps4 anyway.
Has anyone else gotten this issue? If so, how did you fix it?
I feel as though other players will be more help than an auto response from customer service.
Edited by Rachi2 on April 22, 2016 6:22AM
  • Rachi2
    Soul Shriven
    Ok i found a solution by myself, figured i would share incase someone else had the same issues.

    I deleted the game and had to reinstall it over night. When i checked, the update 1.13 was installed once the game downloaded in rest mode. You should still have your save data so don't worry about that (its in a different file).

    I hope this helps anyone who have had the same problems.
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