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Vampire Role-Play

Greetings fellow vamps,

My goal here is to get some experience/advise from some experienced vampire role-players as far as what you use for immersion on ability bars.

Just a one bar build for immersion in my character while I am searching for a new neck or doing a few quests.

I am a NB Vamp heavy on magic. Currently I am running inner light, volcanic ruin, sap essence, elem. blockade, force pulse, and bat swarm with a fire staff. Now while it is admittedly fun dropping napalm on everything, it just does not seem right as a vamp, what with the fire vulnerability and all.

I plan on picking up a few cheap lighting/frost staves just to check out their animations/effects, I am thinking frost might be the best in terms of rounding out who my character wants to be.

I am thinking: inner light, twisted path, sap essence, elem. blockade, force pulse, bat swarm with a frost staff with frost enchant. Seems like this fits a dark/twisted/cold type of personality. I am obviously aoe ability oriented, I like to feel like my character effects everything around him regardless of what he is doing.

Might check out lightning anyway, the crackling might win me over, but the set up would probably be very similar. Just can't seem to shake that frost feel, like walking around inside my own little dark shadow/freezing winter storm.

Any suggestions/thoughts? TYVM

Thasi - V16 Magblade Vampire PC/NA
  • notimetocare
    Whatever suits your fancy, even wielding fire, though many avoid it out of fears like Order Cyrodiilic vampires.

    Vampries often have unique skills, but they are as varied as any normal combatant.
  • Krist
    I stay from fire as well, sticking to cold staff, etc. You can round your vampire out very well sticking to what you want there. Adding lightening is fine, and remember, you will get plenty of skill points down the road so do not feel you are stuck with anything. I always suggest set up for several types of builds so that you can change about when you wish. It is fun working with new abilities and sets sometimes. In time you will switch your tool bar around for different enemies/bosses. Stands to reason that your vampire is not stuck to only knowing 10 different attacks/defenses. In other words, using snare on a boss is useless, so you would replace that with something else, as the character would be smart enough to do that.

    Hope that helps.
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  • emily3989
    Changed a bit - running inner light, twisting path, sap essence, elemental blockade, and impulse (crit up to 64.5%)

    I cast twisting path and blockade on approach, tap impulse for the quick dot added, then spam sap essence at the end to keep maj. sorc up. (If mag. is low, skip sap essence and let the destro abilities get the kill for resto regen passive). It is an awesome AOE rotation when face-rolling a delve, public dungeon, or quest area. It's a dark magic / elemental combo that just seems to work, is fun, and entertaining. I imagine it would be decent AOE dps bar in a group dungeon, but I don't care for those so whatever.

    I went into that TG delve to the north to grind a little and everything just melted.

    I also made a v16 gold flame, frost, and lightning staff, and I am loving it.

    As soon as I step in a snowy area, I switch to flame. Dessert I use lightning, anything volcanic - Frost. It's a little off from the RP concept, but the animations are fabulous for me this way, so much easier to see when you switch to a contrasting effect from the current environment.

    Nighttime - Lightning / flame is a tough decision because both are still so awesome.

    Thasi - V16 Magblade Vampire PC/NA
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