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Postings/Listings in a Guild Trader, behavior

I'm unsure if this is working as intended, or maybe it's a bug. I looked around and did not find anything about this. Please any suggestions, help, or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I sell a lot in traders, and I try to keep 4 guild as full as my little fingers can fill! I'm curious on how listing/posting items for sale works. Obviously if I have an item up already for 5,000g, and I post the same item for 4,999g that 1g undercut item will be the first item listed. I have noticed if I follow suit and post let's say 4 of the same items at 5,000g each. Only one of my 4 posts will be first while the rest are buried underneath the guy who was posting before me.

Is that correct? Can I only post 1 item ahead and the rest will be buried?? What is the limit?? What is a safe amount of posts that multiple sellers can post so there is no need to undercut for their to be the most recent post is first?? Or what's the official behavior of postings??

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