Daily Random Dungeon Not Giving Reward

Hey all,

I queued up for my daily random dungeon and got put on a group for Normal Vaults of Madness and after killing the last boss and completing the dungeon (Status: 'Activity Completed'), the usual experience and Undaunted Supplies reward were not awarded. When I went to queue up for another random, it still shows that I can obtain the daily reward. So, it seems that although the activity was completed, it did not trigger the rewards to be given.

I run multiple dungeons per day, so I'm not upset about this not counting. However, I was wondering if this is a bug with Vaults. Anybody else have this issue with Vaults or running any other dungeons using the Random Dungeons queue?
  • Pirsius
    Just ran through a random City of Ash and got the exp/supplies drop. So, I think there is a bug with Vaults.
  • Blevil
    I had the same thing happen to me during cake week but it wasn't in Vaults. I think it was in darkshade. It said i completed the daily but no xp or rewards. I think it could be more on the grouping tool being messed up.
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  • minsue
    Happened to me on fungal grotto
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