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Group finder refuses to queue

One character ("Balticblue") of my 7 characters cannot use the group finder (Activities) anymore.
Whenever this character tries to queue, an error message is given (translation from German):
"You are not the group leader."

At this time, the character is not a member of a group...
  • BalticBlues
    I contacted support (160414-001260), but support could not help.

    I relogged many times and waited several hours, but the problem persists.
    My character "Balticblue" remains blocked from activities.

    Because of the error message given when trying to queue ("You are not the group leader")
    I have the impression that the group finder assumes that the character is still part of a group.
    However, the character is not part of any group, at least this is not visible in the user interface.

    All my other characters work fine, but this is my main character and it remains blocked.
    Please help.

    Edited by BalticBlues on April 15, 2016 4:39AM
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