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Looking for Ebonheart Pact Guild Suitable for Beginners

Hi, I am a Level 15 Sorcerer Dark Elf.

Looking for my first serious Guild to try and open up the MMORPG elements of this game after hours of following the story arc.

I will need a bit of support as never really played an MMORPG or been in a Guild before, but willing to commit.

  • Glycer
    Check out
    We're primarily a trading guild, but the members are really nice and helpful.
    PK'ing since Pong.
    Founder of Inside Trade.
    Developer at PlayerGadget.
  • EllieBlue
    You can try out The Spirit of Nirn. We are a casual, social pve guild.
    Contact @EllieBlue or @Gamersflame or @EmstCntRob in game for invite.
    GM of Nirn Traders (PC-EU)
    Playing games for fun!
  • Tillalarrien
    And if you'r intrested in non-vet PvP, contact me (@Tillalarrien) in game, or check out this website.
    Valkynaz of the Daedric Order
  • TerraPython
    Hey there, have a look at this post.

    Bad Apples!

    We have all skill levels in our guils, and are always happy to help some new players rise up to the top! After all we all started there once :)
    501CP - Ebonheart Pact - EU/PC
    Lvl50 - Emerian - Stamina DD Nightblade
    Lvl50 - Dintirri - Templar Healer
    Lvl50 - Malik Thos - Dragonknight Tank
    LvL40 - Tyrriath - Stamina Nightblade NonVet PvP

    GM of Bad Apples - Casual and fun all levels socail guild, with events. Look me up in game if your interested
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