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Riders of brohan

The riders of brohan are looking to recruit more players!! The guild is being totally revamped. We were once a very active guild but then none of our members played anymore. We seek to give make this guild as great as it used to be. We have experienced players already (some who have been playing since launch day on PC!). We are mainly Aldmeri Dominion but would be hovered to accept the greatest warriors from the other alliances. We praise the image of greatness, the thing that strikes fear into the hearts of our enemies. We hail the mud crab!!!!
We arrange all sorts of guild events and are willing to help anyone out with dungeons, trials, and pvp.
So what are you waiting for? Join the riders of brohan and may the crab aim you bow, strengthen your spells, and lead your sword to those who would oppose you!!
Hail the crab!!!!

Message kerr MCSE on Xbox one for an invite.
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