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Çá'rue, the thief (character showcase)

This is Çá'rue, a level 8 (so far) Bosmer Nightblade. Çá'rue is no particular fan of combat, instead she prefers the safety of the shadows. Every now and then she gets into trouble (I swear, not that often), but she's resourceful. A poof of smoke, a nimble roll and Çá'rue is gone. By now our sneakstress is making quite a name for herself in Hew's Bane, roaming the area, stealing *ahem* borrowing trinkets from unsuspecting bystanders.
Sure, it doesn't always go flawless, the bystanders may not want their items borrowed, guards may take notice... You know, the usual. But no matter the trouble, Çá'rue finds a way out. Ultimately, her entire life revolves around finding trouble, then escaping it. As is the life of a thief. As she's getting more proficient in her skills, she managed to make a nice bit of money. By now she's been in every city of notice within her main faction of the Ebonheart pact, stole thousands worth of random items (even a few rare recipes) and even managed to acquire quite a few achievements related to her shady practices. Things are going well overall. So well, I figured I might as well place her in the spotlights. Not for too long though, I think I can hear a guard approaching.
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