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All-Maker of the Skaal and Y'ffre of the Bosmer...

It has been said that there are similarities between the All-Maker and Anu, but I also can see some similarities to Y'ffre.

"Feel the solidity of the ground under your feet, and taste the wind. By his will is our world manifest, and the rocks, and the trees, and the birds in the sky. Y'ffre is with you at every turn, in every moment." — Bones of the Forest

He is said to have been the first to transform himself into the Ehlnofey, or Earth Bones, giving rise to the rules and principles of nature and life on Nirn. He thus formed the frame upon which Nature is woven, loomed through with his own song-echoes and sight-perception for mortals to interpret through study of the Sea's mystery, but seeing and hearing nothing himself. Day, night, and the places between are the manifestation of his interpretation of the time-law Anui-El is said to have established within Nirn.

The All-Maker is a mysterious deity revered as the wellspring of creation. The All-Maker could be a deity from the Atmorans or branched from the animal deities of the Atmorans. Either way they share similarities with each other and derive from the ancient Nords. All life flows from the All-Maker like a great river, and, in time, this river flows back to its source. The spirits of dead creatures return to the All-Maker, who shapes new life and returns it to Mundus. Death, then, is simply the beginning of the next stage of this endless journey. However, each life is a gift given in the great wisdom of the All-Maker, thus each one is very precious and sacred. Even the snow is viewed as a blessing for the shelter it can offer and for allowing hunters to track prey. "Oneness" with the land is considered crucial to pleasing the All-Maker. The Skaal practice this concept by seeking harmony with their surroundings. For example, firewood is collected from dead trees. Hunting is for subsistence, not sport. Skaal draw power from the natural order (the harmony, or balance, of the land); when they are in harmony with the land, they are joined with it through the grace of the All-Maker, and when this harmony is upset, so is the All-Maker, and their power dwindles. Skaal often accredit the All-Maker with greater wisdom and power than deities which are part of polytheistic traditions.

*Sources are from the eso wiki
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