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show off your characters

I do endgame stuff trials and maelstrom but still try to keep my characters to a theme with pets mounts armour styles etc. so having been around a while I thought i'd share my NB's with you and hopefully see your characters.
Phagaan locans breton vampire magicka nb do all sorts on this trials pvp maelstrom. can either dd or heal he also is my alchemy and enchanting character
Gerrick nightgrove My oldest character and weapons and armour crafter a bosmer stam NB werewolf I used to do pve on him but am now transferring him to pvp. he is also the one one I do all the Thieving with.
Mirilla Tigur A redguard stamina NB taking over PVE from my other stamblade as redguard has better passives for PVE DPS
Bienna mortrose My Nb tank shes a breton sap tank.
All the characters have points in crafting so i can farm on any of them. I have plans for a new magblade DD after the change to cp so may make a dunmer soon and send my breton to pvp.
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  • joker0137
    Just A White Line Nightmare

    PS4 EU server
  • Vigarr
    There's a big thread in the community creation section for this.
  • lathbury
    Vigarr wrote: »
    There's a big thread in the community creation section for this.

    ty moved it
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