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The death of yet another launch character

Relethyl died today:

This is a tale about Relethyl...

A Dunmer Sorc who betrayed the Pact and turned his back on Morrowind following the abolishment of slavery & the freedom of the Argonians.

The very barbarians who killed his family, he made many friends within the Dominion & learned to hone his hatred and use it to his advantage, eventually his hatred led to him becoming more and more distant. Until he secluded himself so much with the dark arts that he became a vampire. With his new curse & reclusive lifestyle he prowled the lands seeking vengeance on all of the non-Mer races, not just the Argonians. For his mind & heart has become a place of pure darkness & despair.

He sought refuge within the Dominion and vowed to destroy the pact, yet today his life will end.


Here lies the ashes of Relethyl ( 2014-2016 59-18-60 mount upgrades)
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"Dear Brother. I do not spread rumours. I create them..."
  • Nestor
    Your braver than I am.

    I have a mule that I rolled not long after launch that I made ugly and the most useless combo I could think of at the time. I did this so I would not feel bad about deleting him to make a playable character. He is still around.
    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

    PakKat "Everything was going well, until I died"
    Gary Gravestink "I am glad you died, I needed the help"

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