Favorite add-ons

I've not added any of the add-ons for my mac. I wanted to see from those here who use them which you felt would be good ones to start using. Thanks.
  • LaucianNailor
    If you're the 'collector, achiever' type then Skyshards & Lorebooks are great and help you rack up your skill points. I love Craftstore as its an outstanding piece of work and as an avid lovers of alts, I also use Do I Need It For Alt's, Sous Chef and Research Assistant.

    Finally I use AUI (mostly for the map), Ravalox Quest Tracker, Harvens All Experience Bars (I love to see progress) and Harven's Potion Alert which helps when the action gets frantic :#
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  • TitanJeff
    Thanks for the tips.

    I could use a potion alert, for sure. ;)
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